Melrose Park Historical Photography

The Melrose Park Public Library has historical photography displayed throughout the main floor of the building. 

Below are the photographs currently on display.

Dr. Paul Kionka, 1897

Melrose Park Public Library Founder & First Board President

Library at Village Hall, ca. 1908

Melrose Park Police Department, ca. 1915

Funeral Procession for Soldier Charles B. Calcott on January 11th, 1928

Police in Front of City Hall, ca. 1928

Melrose Park Fire Department, 1930

Melrose Park Police Department, ca. 1933

Melrose Park Fire Department, 1940

Melrose Theater, August 17th 1946

Stephanie Novicky, prizewinning pianist in Chicagoland Music Festival, performing live at the Melrose Theater

Donated by Frank Orangis (1931-2018) & his daughters:

 Antonia De Cola, Jan Lollini, & Fran Pelegrino

Corner of Broadway and Lake Street, n.d.